Welcome to the site of a beautiful, but dangerous complex of villas in Croatia – Borghetto Villas!

Good day. My name is Mikhail. I am the owner of a few villas in the complex Borghetto in Vabriga. On this site I will tell my point of view and my experience in buying and the next warranty repairs of villas from the company Finmavi. All that is written on the site is my personal point of view, and after reading the articles on it you will be able to draw your conclusion. You may agree or disagree with my point of view.

Villas are built in Croatia, near Porec and Novigrad, by a company Finmavi.

Unfortunately, some of the villas contain a number of very dangerous for human health construction errors.

  1. Lamps contain water condensate, that’s why short circuits occur periodically. The electricity in the houses turns off from time to time, and there was already a case of electric shock from the lamps.

  1. If the owners don’t control the process of building the villas, the construction company uses non-quality materials. For example, they use rotten, moldy plinths.


  1. Street wall lamps contain water because they have poor insulation. Or they were installed incorrectly.
  2. The company that built the houses (Finmavi), does not perform repair works on time, and is just playing for time. The owners fear that Finmavi will not fulfill its obligations under the contracts. Repair lasts for years. In many villas they still have not completed the repair work.



  1. As a result of insufficient insulation, water gets into the houses. The company Finmavi is trying to paint the wet walls, but it looks horrible.

  1. In houses there is a problem with roof. Water flows from the roof, causing decay and mold inside the house. The company Finmavi does not want to do the necessary work to eliminate the flow of water.


  1. The outdoor sockets are installed without isolation. Therefore, they are dangerous to use. They can simply kill a person with an electric shock

  1. And this is only a small part of the problems faced by the owners of houses bought from the company Finmavi.

If you want to buy or rent a villa from the company Finmavi – be careful.

If you know how to paint walls yourself, do not afraid of electric current, do not fear mold and fungi, then nothing threatens you in Borghetto villas in Croatia in Vabriga.

Brief information about the company Finmavi:

  • Official website: finmavi.hr
  • Key persons: Sandra Moškun and Maurizio Vivoda


  • F.I.N.M.A.V.I. D.O.O.
  • Trg Slobode 5
  • HR-52440 Poreč
  • MBS: 130008837
  • OIB: 76642578753
  • Uprava: Maurizio Vivoda, direktor
  • Banka: BKS bank AG
  • IBAN: HR6824880011500130404
  • Swift: BFKKHR22
  • Telefon: +385 91 428 4000
  • Mail: borghetto@finmavi.hr
  • Web: www.finmavi.hr

Be careful in choosing an investor or a construction company for your home. If he delays the deadline, refuses to go with you to negotiate, does not answer your calls or emails, then we recommend to think twice before signing the contract with such company.


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